11 Best Baby Jumpers Reviewed


There are several types of products your baby will demand over the course of its first few years. Finding the best baby jumper can do some good if you want your child to be occupied for a set amount of time, or equally as important, working on early motoring skills. Those are just 2  benefits one might see from this toy center, with several more smaller benefits provided as well.

With a number of options on the market, you really can’t go wrong no matter your budget. All of these products are safe as can be and you can take comfort in knowing that you can take your eye off your infant for moments at a time and know they are having fun, learning and being stimulated.


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A jumper isn’t just a “toy” and, as briefly mentioned above, it comes with multiple developmental attributes. Obviously there are baby walkers for balance and mobility and cradling swings for soothing comfort, but jumpers will provide some of the same, plus a few additional benefits.

Muscle Tone and Strength

Though there are no conclusive studies to determine the efficacy of baby jumpers and their role in developing hip and muscle strength, it seems obvious that they do provide some level of benefit. Of course, it is suggested that jumpers be used in moderation to avoid putting too much stress on certain muscles from repetitive use.

Improved Pre-Walking Skills

Best-Baby-Jumper-FeetThough not really a walking tool, baby jumpers may help to develop pre-motor skills as a child learns to use his or her lower half to stand upright and improve functionality of the limbs. And not only do they practice standing and work on their balance, they also learn how to dance!

Promotes Comfort and Safety

Jumpers provide comfort for your child and act as a short-term babysitter while you take care of tasks around the home. Not to mention that they can be considered a safer alternative to a walker, as they don’t move away from you and pose no real threat of falling from stairs.

Visual Stimulation and Interactivity

Best-Baby-Jumper-MobileDepending on the model purchased, jumpers can range from a small activity center to Disneyland on demand. And with several toys and music, there is always something available to keep your toddler involved and entertained.

And let’s not forget the most important benefit… it can put your kid right to sleep.


When looking at jumpers, you’ll notice that they vary from boring to the outrageously, “where was this when I was a kid” super fun centers. The bestsellers, of course, have a whole slew of toys and audio/visual stimulation to keep your kid busy for just a few moments. So what are the typical components you’ll be interested in?


CheckmarkIconToy Center

CheckmarkIconMusic and Lights

A high-value jumper for your infant will most likely include these 3 things, if not 2 out of 3 (to perhaps save money on construction and pass the savings down to the bargain shopper). And these are all qualities that will either benefit you (portability for storage and transfer to grandma’s), or your child (everything else).

For the jumpers reviewed below, many parents claim free time – to do chores, shower, etc – in up to 30 and 40 minute spurts, sometimes more. How great is that! Free time, remember that?

The Doorway vs. Activity Center Jumper

The difference between these 2 jumpers is obvious. One is latched to a doorway in your house and one is a larger play center. There are a few other differences if you are trying to decide amongst the two.

  • Doorway jumpers can only operate in a doorway with a frame, obviously, which means you need to have one near you. Activity center jumpers can be moved wherever you want them to be… the kitchen, bedroom, outside.
  • Doorway jumpers are cheaper
  • Activity center jumpers have far more stimulating activities, such as music, lights and toys. Not to mention a full swivel seat to access all the fun stuff.

It’s not that one is better than the other, however, the difference in activities and visual stimulation is usually the selling point for the Activity Center – I mean, would you rather go to Chuck E. Cheese’s or Disneyland? They’re both 100% fun, but let’s be real on which one is the better overall experience.

We’ll take a look at one of Fisher-Price’s best selling jumpers, the Luv U Zoo Jumperoo, to see a few of the options that come standard on the Activity Center Jumpers.

  1. Toy Center
  2. Music, Lights and Sounds – some with volume control
  3. Height Adjustments




For a baby product with multiple small and medium-sized parts, one could expect there to be several complaints. No product is built perfect, so here are a few of those concerns voiced over a range of jumper products.

  • Seats don’t rotate easy enough for a smaller infant – Activity
  • Short babies have problems touching the ground without an added prop – Activity
  • Not enough toys, music, options – Activity & Doorway
  • Space eaters and not easily portable – Activity
  • Safety concerns about babies bumping heads into side of door frame – Doorway


Baby Einstein Recall

Baby Einstein (a KidsII company) and the Consumer Product Safety Commission had previously recalled a number of Baby Einstein Musical Motion Activity Jumpers in response to a potential Sun Toy hazard. Only certain models were affected on those products manufactured before November 2011.

Consumer Product Safety Commission

The CPSC is charged with ensuring the safety of families and consumers from commercial products that potentially pose risks and safety hazards. For over 40 years, they have contributed to the decline of injuries and deaths resulting from use of a number of consumer products.


Best Baby Jumpers

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ImageModelItem WeightPriceRating
Fisher Price JumperooFisher Price Jumperoo18.7 lbs.$855/5
Evenflo ExersaucerEvenflo Exersaucer22.8 lbs.$904.5/5
Baby Einstein JumperBaby Einstein Musical Motion20 lbs.$904.5/5
Sassy InspireSassy Inspire The Senses21.1 lbs$754/5
Bright Starts JumperBright Starts Cute Critters21.4 lbs$993.5/5

1. Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo

If you’re looking for the best selling jumper on the market, you can stop at the Fisher Price Jumperoo. The simple frame prevents the Jumperoo from being a galactic eyesore in the middle of the family room, as well as being fairly easy to move around. As far as options go, it’s got all extras you’d need to keep your baby involved, stimulated and… occupied. For entertainment, it comes with music, lights and sound, as well as a colorful activity center. As far as functionality, it features an adjustable seat for height changes, 360° swivel chair for total activity center involvement and it is portable for storage and travel. This is unquestionably the best baby jumper on the market as far as value, fun and reliability are concerned. Models Available: Rainforest, Luv U Zoo, Discover ‘n Grow, Laugh & Learn

Pros: Most Popular Jumper – Multiple theme options to match your baby’s room decor – Several fun activities – Easy set up – Portable for moving to grandparents’ house – Plays music when they jump – Perhaps more “bounce” than other brands

Cons: Tough to rotate seat on their own – May have to add prop (pillow, etc.) for shorter babies – Tight fit for fat thights

2. Evenflo ExerSaucer Jump and Learn Jumper, Jungle Quest

The Evenflo ExerSaucer Jumpers are just plain fun to look at, with their cartoon-ish designs and cool toys that dangle from every direction – I wish I had one! The ExerSaucer comes totally decked out with multiple options for your infant to enjoy, much the same as the Jumperoo. Developed in conjunction with the Child Development Institute, it comes with a soft base landing, age-appropriate toys, height adjustment to match your baby’s growth, and their Take With Me Toys system. Models Available: Jungle Quest, Beach Baby, Bee, Zoo Friends, My First Pet, Jam Session, Safari Friends

Pros: Easy assembly – Height adjustable function works well – Easy to clean – Fun noises – Swivel seat functions easier versus some competitors

Cons: Smallish toy center – Not alot of music and noise options – Few complaints about broken springs for jumping – Large presence in any room – Not as portable as others

3. Baby Einstein Musical Motion Activity Jumper

The Baby Einstein Musical Motion Jumper is just as you’d expect a Baby Einstein product to be… bright and zany! The video series has been a large success and so, therefore, is their Activity Jumper with its abundance of features to keep your little one occupied. From a light up piano (with volume control!),  to its classical melodies and the dozen other activities to choose from, your munchkin will never be bored here. As far as functionality, it disassembles (rather easily, though not considered foldable) down to about the size of the Fisher-Price Jumperoo, with height adjusts for a growing child and a 360° swivel seat. Not to mention it also has a language learning feature with Spanish and French incorporated.

Pros: Can easily attach additional toys – Really fun music and sounds – Easier swivel seat versus competing brands – Easy assembly – Simple height adjust feature

Cons: May have to add a prop for shorter babies – Takes up a good amount of space – Non foldable, have to disassemble

4. Sassy Inspire The Senses Bounce Around Activity Center

The Sassy Bounce Around Activity Center is a cute alternative to any of the jumpers on this list. Thought not necessarily the most popular choice, the Sassy comes with its fair share of satisfied “jumpers.” With much of the same features as the other mainstream jumpers, this one also comes standard with a Ladybug Playstation theme and its accompanying rattler and teether, a Sunshine mirror, as well as accompanying lights and sounds. It also comes with a 360° swivel seat, adjustable seat height and the ability to remove and replace several of the toys.

Pros: Can attach additional toys – Easy assembly – Not too noisy or over stimulating – Easy to clean – Fun toy selection – Doorway bouncer attachment (on an upgraded model)

Cons: Not as durable as other jumpers – Physically moves if jumping too hard – Doesn’t rotate easily for some smaller babies – Large and not portable – Hanging toys may be out of reach for smaller babies

5. Bright Starts Cute Critters Activity Jumper

The Bright Starts Activity Jumper shares a similar design as the Baby Einstein jumper. With its brilliant colors and arching toy loop, this jumper provides tons of fun for your infant. The Bright Stars jumper comes with a light-up music station complete with a piano and other fun tunes, as well as a bead chaser toy, a mirror and a character with teethable arms. As far as functionality goes, there are 5 adjustable heights, its foldable for easy storage and, like most other jumpers, comes with a machine washable seating pad. Models Available: Cute Critters, Giggle Bugs. Note: Bright Starts products are occasionaly unavailable or out of stock and, coincidentally, are priced higher.

Pros: Can attach additional toys – Easy assembly – A few nice musical options – Extra height adjusts versus other brands

Cons: Bright Starts frequently out of stock – Overall quality seems poor versus price

The Best Doorway Jumpers

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ImageModelBatteries Req.PriceRating
Graco Musical MatGraco Jump N Jive With Musical MatYes$604/5
Evenflo ABC123Evenflo SmartSteps Jump and GoYes$454/5
Graco Bumper JumperGraco Bumper Jumper in Little JungleNo$304/5
Evenflo Red RacerEvenflo Jump & Go Baby ExerciserYes$703.5/5
Evenflo BumblyEvenflo ExerSaucerNo$203.5/5
Jolly JumperJolly Jumper with StandNo$753.5/5

1. Graco Jump N Jive With Musical Mat

As far as doorway jumpers go, the Graco Jump N Jive is ‘numero uno!’ The sweet feature is, of course, the accompanying musical mat that your child will go crazy for each time he or she bounces on it. With its easy door frame setup and being conveniently designed to get your baby in and out of the apparatus make it a worthy choice, as well as its compact size for travel and its machine-washable seat pad. What’s more, long after your baby has outgrown the jumper, they can continue to compose music on the mat.

Pros: Adjustable heights – Engaging musical foot pad not too loud – Removable toys – Easy assembly

Cons: Foot pad slides around on floor surfaces – A wide seat design may cause some leaning

2. Evenflo SmartSteps Jump and Go, ABC123

The Evenflo Jump and Go might be a slight bit more appealing visually than the Graco Jump N Jive. With a cool cartoon-ish design and a larger toy tray in the front, your tot should be entertained plenty. This swing’s wide play tray also doubles as a slight doorway buffer from side-to-side movements. It also comes with a modest music and lights feature to prompt even more giggles.

Pros: Adjustable heights – Bounces well – Removable toy bar – Music that can be turned on/off – Fun interactive lights display

Cons: Seat sits a little too deep – Not good for crown molding – Small squeaking noise during use – Putting baby in seat could be easier

3. Graco Bumper Jumper in Little Jungle

The Graco Bumper Jumper is a little more modest version of the Jump N Jive with Musical Mat, but its still a top choice for parents and children alike. It comes with a non-marking , spring-loaded clamp for easy doorway installation, a removable seat pad for easy cleaning, and two soft toys that can be attached and re-attached at any time.

Pros: Best Selling doorway jumper – Good for shower doorway, easily transferable – Fun little toys – Easy assembly  – Easy to clean – Adjustable heights – bumper to protect head from sides

Cons: Balance issues where baby leans to one side – Doesn’t attach to large doorway moldings –  Hangs too low, doesn’t adjust high enough for taller babies

4. Evenflo Jump & Go Baby Exerciser, Red Racer

The Evenflo Red Racer is perhaps the most unique doorway jumper available as your child will have tons of fun jumping around and pretending to be a real racecar driver, complete with audio to complement the experience. To further the user experience, the Red Racer has enclosed springs for protection and a seat pad that is easily washable. And for those junior lady drivers, the Pink Racer version is also available.

Pros: Adjustable heights – Music, lights and sounds add to experience – Horn feature – Strong wall clamp

Cons: No volume control options – Spring noise from use – Getting in and out can be a hassle – Music choice not great

5. Evenflo ExerSaucer, Bumbly

The Evenflo ExerSaucer is the most budget-friendly doorway jumper on the list and has a number of tiny-little satisfied customers that get a kick out of it daily. With its gender-neutral, bright colored fabric and its ability to be easily moved from doorway to doorway, this jumper can be a great addition to any house. Models: Bumbly, Daisy Scribble, Kangaroo, Pink Bumbly, Pink Gray White, Rock n Roll, Up

Pros: Thick padding and nice design – Springy – Adjustable heights – Can attach toys to straps – Easy setup – Works with tall door frames

Cons: Difficult to wash – Doesn’t fit all doorways with molding – Springs can be a bit noisy during use – May not work for smaller babies – Balance issues cause baby to lean – Not enough side protection for head against side of door – Users prefer wider door frame use for this model

6. Jolly Jumper with Stand

The Jolly Jumper takes the final spot in these baby jumper reviews and, although not a doorway jumper, it fits the mold of the top-down jumpers. It has been marketed a bit differently than the others in that it offers a little more walking/balance functionality, which may help develop coordination. It has a sturdy back support to assist in the correct development of the spine and bones (though no research has been performed to validate this claim). Many parents, however, love the Jolly Jumper for their children.

Pros: Adjustable heights – Easy set up – Foldable for storage – Can be set up anywhere – Can hang toys from jumper

Cons: Expensive – No frills, music or toys – Difficult to get child in and out and may take 2 parents – Difficult to fold up, requires some disassembly


So there you have it, your best baby jumpers on the market. As with any infant products commercially available, they’re rated as being safe, reliable and absolutely the best choices to stimulate your baby’s auditory and visual senses, as well as aiding in their balance and early motor skill function.

There are only a few other Activity Center Jumpers on the market, but with toy giant competitors like Fisher-Price and Baby Einstein it’s certain that they don’t have as many quality, informative testimonials from parents. Nor would they have the funding and critical feedback to create a reliable product that any of these top baby jumpers have.



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