12 Best Baby Swings Reviewed – Portable and Full Size


Looking for the best baby swing? You’ve come to the right place, as here you can find swings reviewed by mothers (or parents in general), which are rated as being the top choices on the market today. Which ones break easiest, which are most ineffective, which swing provides the best bang for your buck? How are you supposed to know these things if all you do is read what the manufacturer has to say… “our Swing is terrific and the best on the market. Buy it now!” That’s fantastic, but why does it click so loud when it swings versus this other, cheaper one?

The problem, if you want to call it that, is that there are a number of options on the market. Fortunately, most of them will function for your child just fine.


When looking for a baby swing, perhaps you’re asking yourself of the benefits of choosing a swing over something like a walker or a glider… and are they really a worthwhile investment? Well, the mothers over at took a poll to find out the most popular purchases amongst families. The results were that swings and baby jumpers were the most favorable by a long shot. That said, what are the benefits you can hope to reap from a baby swing?


Free Time

Let’s face it. The number one reason you’ll want to get a baby swing is because it’s actually a toy for YOU! Much like a Jumper, you can set your baby in the swing and let them do their thing for extended periods of time while you do your thing. Gotta do some laundry, put them in the swing. Need to make a phone call, pay some bills? Get the swing.

Helps Them Get To Sleep

The Number Two benefit of a baby swing is, yet again, for you! Ok, ok, they’re not all for you. We want our children to be comfortable and for them to get a healthy rest after a day of jumping, screaming, pooping, screaming… you get the idea. Baby swings are the ideal tool for your baby to get some shut eye. Peaceful music, relaxing embiance…


So you’ll notice all the options on some of these baby swings – nature sounds, vibrate features, spinning mobiles. There’s a plethora of options to entertain your baby without having to move him or her from one toy to another.


Of course with all that visual and audio stimulation, your baby will have a positive sensory overload. Observing the room, reaching for toys, listening to music and nature sounds will be a wonderful influence on their learning path.


Much like other infant products, there are a few key items that you’ll be looking for to make the right choice for your home. Firstly, if your home is limited in real estate, you’ll probably be making a decision on size. If space is no option, then your decision will be primarily based on the swing’s options.

Portable vs. Full Size Baby Swings

Obviously there are Pros and Cons for each of these units, but the benefits will normally outweigh the negatives. Considering the safety standards set for consumer products by the CPSC (see below), you can be assured that the products you purchase are going to be safe. On to the benefits…

Portable Swings

The portable baby swing typically offers a more thrifty option for those parents on a bit of a budget. These swings are absolutely valuable in that they offer a number of benefits. The MamaRoo pictured below.

  • They do their most important job of lulling a baby to sleep
  • If you need something that frequently needs to travel to grandma’s house, they’re much easier to compartmentalize and throw in the minivan or car trunk
  • They’re sometimes up to half the price – even less if you trust that one that says it’s manufactured in Nepal (probably by other children who wish they could be swinging in it)


Full Size Swings

Full size baby swings are, as you’d expect, loaded with all the bells and whistles. Expect for them, however, to take up a nice little corner in your home – though they can be portable (up to perhaps 30% of full size, depending on the model).

  • Offer better swinging motion and more likely to put your baby to sleep
  • Have more visual and interactive toys for your baby to enjoy
  • Comes with a cord for wall plug-in! No more batteries dying – and coincidentally removing them from other items to power your baby swing

The full-size swings typically come loaded with options that are not all available with the portable models. A few of the common features among these are as follows, as shown on the Graco DuetSoothe Swing + Rocker.

CheckmarkIconBack and Forth or Side to Side Swinging Motion

CheckmarkIconMusic and Nature Sounds

CheckmarkIconMobile with Exotic Toys

CheckmarkIconVibration Feature

CheckmarkIconWall Plug-In, No More Batteries



Listed below are some of the most noted complaints for both the portable and full size swings. For independent commentary on specific manufacturer and model, see the individual baby swing reviews below.

  • Too much motor/swing noise or clicking sounds that can interfere with a baby’s sleep pattern
  • Frequent battery replacement, as much as every few days depending on swing purchased and amount of time baby spends in the unit (also may not even come with batteries)
  • Swings slow down as baby gets older and heavier – more common with battery operated, portable swings


Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act – CPSIA 104(b)

In 2008, the Consumer Product Safety Commission was given more authority in an effort to oversee and improve the safety of consumer products – CPSIA, 104(b). This new law includes tighter standards for infant swings.


Best Baby Swings – Full Size

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ImageModelItem WeightPriceRating
FIsher Price Cradle n SwingFisher Price Cradle N Swing24.3 lbs.$1755/5
Fisher Price Open TopFisher Price Open-Top Cradle21 lbs.$1504.5/5
Fisher Price PapasanFisher Price Papasan Cradle22.1 lbs.$1304.5/5
Graco DuetSootheGraco DuetSoothe Swing + Rocker24.2 lbs.$1454/5
Graco DuetConnectGraco DuetConnect25.9 lbs.$1304/5
Fisher Price ZenFisher Price Zen Collection27 lbs.$1504/5
Graco GliderLXGraco Glider LX21.8 lbs.$1354/5
Bright StartBright Start Full Size21.2 lbs.$1003.5/5

1. Fisher-Price Cradle ‘N Swing, My Little Snugabunny

It’s no coincidence, again, that Fisher-Price rates as the best baby swing in the full-size market. Parents and babies alike love them as they frequently deliver the best quality with the most options at a reasonable price point for those features. Their Cradle ‘N Swing not only rates the highest, it’s also a best seller. This swing has plenty of options to engage your child, such as the rotate and bounce mobile, the comforting music options, and a mirror for self-recognition. Further options include a 3-way swinging motion, incredibly soft fabric selection and its ability to fold to a smaller size. Models Available: My Little Snugabunny, My Little Sweetie, Luv U zoo Note: Upgraded model available<amazon link> (with Smart Swing Technology, so swinging doesn’t slow as your baby grows).

Pros: Most popular full size swing – Wall adapter for plug-in use, battery option also available – Extra comfy and thick fabric – Swings front-to-back, side-to-side or forward or backward facing – Nice selection of music and nature sounds – Quiet operation – Excellent mobile for child’s stimulation

Cons: Swing slower when baby is roughly around 25 lbs – Swinging motion too fast for some parents’ liking

2. Fisher-Price Rainforest Open-Top Cradle Swing

The Fisher Price Rainforest Open-Top is another top choice amongst parents for their children. With a cute, Rainforest canopy your baby can enjoy tropical-themed stimulation while having several additional options, comparable to the Cradle ‘N Swing. With leaves that flutter and jungle animals that move about, accompanied by music and nature sounds, this full size swing is sure to stimulate the senses. It also comes with 2 swinging motions, reclining seat position, folds for storage and, of course, multiple swing speeds.

Pros: Open top makes for easy access to your infant – Wall adapter for plug-in use, battery option also available – Recline seat for younger baby – Music and nature variety with adjustable volume control – Up and down mobile feature

Cons: One design option to choose from (Rainforest) – Swing slows as baby grows to about 25 lbs – Mobile may be a little high

3. Fisher-Price Papasan Cradle Swing, Starlight

Another appealing option from Fisher-Price is their Papasan Cradle Swing. With many of the same features as the previous models, the Papasan separates itself with a lighted, star-lit canopy to surround the plush star mobile toys floating overhead. Yet another great swing with extremely favorable ratings. The Papasan also features several swing speeds, 2 swinging motions, a reclining seat, as well as 8 musical choices for the daytime and 8 additional lullabys for nap time. Models Available: Starlight, Mocha Butterfly, Butterfly Garden.

Pros: Wall adapter for plug in use, battery option also available – Easy assembly – Front to back, side to side motion – Lighted stars shine on netting for cool affect – Optional tray – Good selection of music

Cons: Complaints that it doesn’t swing well enough, or that it may swing too fast for some – A few motor related problems – Some concerns over operational noises

4. Graco DuetSoothe Swing + Rocker, Winslet

The Graco DuetSoothe Swing plus Rocker is not only the top rated Graco swing, but also competes with the aforementioned Fisher-Price products above. As a 2-in-1 product that offers the functionality of a full size swing and a removable rocker, and much like their top rated travel system, Graco has again built something worthy of a top rating. While many mothers are raving about having the option of a detachable rocker, they also get value from its 3-seat positioning system, large seating area, 6 swinging speeds, over a dozen musical options and, not to mention a vibration feature.

Pros: Wall adapter for plug in use, battery option also available – Bouncy seat add extra functionality, mobility and less need to buy separate rocker – Rocker easily removable – Can add extra toys – Nice selection of classical music – Front to back, side to side motion

Cons: Mobile doesn’t move independently – Vibration only runs on batteries – Annoying clicking noise – Vibration operation a bit loud

5. Graco DuetConnect LX Swing + Bouncer, Finley

The Graco DuetConnect LX offers a different style of swing in that it doubles as a baby bouncer, which differentiates itself from a few of the other full size swings on the market. It has many of the same options that many of the other swings have, yet includes even a few more choices. The Graco DuetConnect includes a larger sitting area for the child, a vibrating seat, 6 swinging speeds, multiple melodic choices with nature sounds, not to mention the detachable bouncer to move around the house with you while you do your chores, workout, etc. Models Available: Finley, Manor, Nyssa.

Pros: Wall adapter for plug in use, battery option also available – Somewhat easy assembly – Plush seating – Favorable that seat doubles as a movable bouncer – Vibration option has 2 settings – Classical style music – Toys removable from mobile

Cons: Only side to side swinging motion – More operational noise than competing brands – Setup instructions not that good – Harness padding seems cheap – Non adjustable mobile sits too low

6. Fisher-Price Zen Collection Cradle Swing

The Zen Collection Cradle Swing is another interesting full-size swing from Fisher-Price. It’s unique design sets it apart from some of the others, however, doesn’t come with quite as many features. It does, however, come with soft fabric in earthy colors, multiple swing options and seat reclines, pillow with attached blanket and a variety of songs and musical choices. Note: The swing is still currently available, but may be discontinued by Fisher-Price (perhaps signaling limited quantities).

Pros: Wall adapter for plug in use, battery option also available – Front to back, side to side swinging motion – Removable/portable baby seat – Favorable music selection – Quality construction with contemporary design with neutral colors – Built-in blanket a nice feature

Cons: No vibrating function – Mobile doesn’t spin – Light operational noise – One of the larger swings on the market

7. Graco Glider LX Gliding Swing, Peyton

The Graco Glider LX is actually more of a, well, glider than a swing but it is, nonetheless, fairly popular in that it operates in much the same way as a swing and comes with plenty of satisfied customers who have good things to say about it. Some of its differentiating features include a smaller frame (taking up less real estate), an extra roomy child seat, 6 speeds, over a dozen melodies and soothing nature sounds, a timer mode to protect battery life (when not plugged in) and an adjustable toy bar.

Pros: Wall adapter for plug in use, battery option also available – Takes up less space than competing, full-size swings – Vibrate function has 2 settings – Easy setup – Glide is more of a natural style swing – Comes with incline seat adjusts – Removable toy bar

Cons: Low ratings for music selection and sound quality – Toy bar kinda flimsy – Operates with a little bit of noise – Minimum volume is a tad bit too high – Weak motor complaints as baby gets bigger

8. Bright Start Full Size Swing, Up Up & Away

The Bright Start line has made another comparable product in their Full Size Baby Swing, and at a fraction of the price of some of the leading models. Not to be completely outdone, this swing comes with several options, including a rotating seat that faces 3 different directions, 6 speed options, several music and nature sounds with volume control, a swing timer and their WhisperQuiet operation technology.

Pros: Wall adapter for plug in, battery option also available – Front to back, side to side 3-way facing seat – Nice musical selections – Quiet motor – Easy to clean

Cons: Not as soft as expensive models – Stationary mobile – Difficult assembly with pictures only, no description, – Parts may not line up exactly – Hard plastic mobile figures, not soft enough

Best Baby Swings – Portable

(click image to enlarge)

ImageModelItem WeightPriceRating
FisherPrice Space SaverFisher Price Space Saver12 lbs.$704.5/5
MamaRoo4Moms MamaRoo18.5 lbs.$2204.5/5
Comfort HarmonyComfort & Harmony7 lbs.$604/5
Graco Swing By MeGraco Swing By Me13.9 lbs.$703/5

1. Fisher-Price Space Saver, Discover’N Grow

There is no doubt Fisher-Price is THE name in childrens’ toys and baby products and it is no surprise that their Space Saver Swing and Seat tops the list as the number one rated portable baby swing. It comes built with a comfortable, yet compact seat with music, sounds, removable toy bar, 5 adjustable swing speeds and vibration chair. Models Available: Discover’N Grow, Luv U Zoo, Ocean Wonders, Rainforest Friends.

Pros: Easy assembly – Vibration function works nicely – Variable speeds provide multiple options – Good music playlist – Decent battery life – Adjustable toy bar for easy baby access

Cons: No head stabilization support – Seat cushion could be better – Low to the ground

2. 4moms MamaRoo, Multicolor Plush

The MamaRoo Swing is one of the most popular swings on the market and, although not technically portable like some of the others on this list, it’s easy enough to move from room to room when compared to a full sized version (as well as being an easier fit in certain vehicles). Though certainly the priciest option it has several features that mothers simply fall in love with, starting with its bounce and sway features that mimics natural parental movements… because parents don’t vibrate. It has a nice selection of nature sounds, an MP3 player adapter, plush toy balls, an adjustable seat and a plug-in adapter to save you on batteries. If you’re going to splurge on a swing, this might be the one to get. Models Available: Multicolor Plush, Blue, Grey, Black Classic, Green Plush, Silver Plush

Pros: Attachable MP3 player for better music and sound options – Good set of speed controls – White noise option – Lightweight and easy to move around – Excellent craftsmanship and quality of materials – Lots of recline options

Cons: One of the most expensive on the market – White noise doesn’t have timer option – No options for installing batteries, just in case

3. Comfort & Harmony, Cozy Kingdom

The Comfort & Harmony series is another popular choice amongst the portables and comes built with a user-friendly, compact frame that allows for easy transport around the home or in a vehicle to grandma’s house. Comfort and Harmony offers multiple cute themes to choose from with a number of favorable options, including 6-speed adjust, seat recline options, musical choices with volume adjust, removable head support and swing timer. Models Available: Cozy Kingdom, Elepaloo, Penelope Petals, Sandstone, Biscotti, Florabella, Gentle Jungle, Girafaloo, Snuggle Duckling. Note: several models may be unavailable and/or discontinued.

Pros: Compact size is favorable – Machine washable –  Lightweight – Good music selections – Multiple swing speeds – Easy assembly – Good battery life

Cons: Seemingly flimsy construction – Harness appears constricting versus other models – Newborns may flop to the side due to poor seat design – On/off buttons click a bit too loud – Low to the ground

4. Graco Swing By Me, Little Hoot

Graco is yet another name that dominates the baby product merchandising market, having been around since the 1940s. Their 2-in1 Swing By Me portable swing ranks as another high selling product for Graco. Not nearly as favorable as some of the top rated portables on this list, it still boasts plenty of favorable options for the interested parent. It’s easily portable, allowing for quick and easy transport to other rooms, a toy bar with detachable soft toys, multiple speed adjust swinger, seat recline options and removable infant head support. Models Available: Little Hoot, Scribbles, Darla, Twister, Signal, Dakota, Sequoia, Meadow Menagerie. Note: several models may be unavailable or discontinued.

Pros: Full size yet easily portable  – Secure harness – Height adjustable good for grandparents and bending down – Cute and simple design options

Cons: Battery eater – Motor may have problems swinging larger baby 12-15 lbs – Some early motor defunct complaints – Motor/swinging noise is too loud – Padding seems too thin – No music


As you can see, there are many swings available on the market, however, these have been rated the best baby swings amongst parents who have used and tested the products themselves. Like most products for children and infants, safety remains a top priority when making a purchase. All of the products in these baby swing reviews are rated as being safe and have also demonstrated to be so.

You’ll notice that there are also many variations of swings, gliders, rockers and bouncers to keep your baby entertained. Which one you prefer would be entirely personal. We’ve also rated the best baby jumpers that are available.



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