20 Best Baby Walkers Reviewed – Traditional and Sit to Stand


If you’re looking for opinions on the best baby walker on the market, you’ve stopped by the right place. With multiple options to choose from, there is no doubt that you will find the right one for your toddler. You want a walker with a busy activity center? They’ve got them. You want one with minimal stimulation, but plenty of space to add your own toys? They’ve got those, too.

Safety-1st-Sounds-Lights-Dino-2We probably all had walkers as children… well, most of us anyway. They are notorious for being a child’s first walking assistant and, not to mention, the joy they bring to a child motoring around the floor in their new ride.

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There are mixed reports on the variety of benefits of many childrens’ toys, activity centers, etc. However, though no conclusive studies have verified the actual benefits of walkers (or jumpers, baby swings, etc.) for a newly aware infant, we all make our own judgements anyway.

Entertainment Value

Best-Baby-Walker-2Of course the number one benefit for buying a baby walker is the entertainment value it presents to your child. With toys, wheels to get around, and tray areas for snacks, there are lots to like about an all-in-one play center for your baby.

Pre-walking Tool

As a child learns to stand and hold themselves upright, a walker may provide the assistance he or she requires to maintain balance. A consequential side effect of that would be the development of leg muscles for motor skills.


Best-Baby-Walker-3Much like when you got your first car, the value of being able to freely maneuver around a central area provides a new stimulation for any infant. Of course, a child should never be left alone and unsupervised and having your precious toddler in a baby walker is no exception.


There seems to be a growing concern over the use of the seated baby walker and the benefits provided versus the risk associated with having your infant potentially moving quickly away from you. Many of these advocates are now voicing their preference of a stand alone Activity Center or a stationary Baby Jumper. Nonetheless, the real concern seems to be that for every child injured falling down stairs or pulling something off of a counter, there is a parent that wasn’t fully supervising their child. If you’re in the field of thought that a baby needs to be monitored at all times, regardless, and still like the idea of a baby walker, then continue reading some of the features that you’d be interested in.

CheckmarkIconToy Center – With Music, Sounds, Lights

CheckmarkIconFood Tray

CheckmarkIconBrake Pads to Prevent Falling Down Stairs

CheckmarkIconStationary Feature – to prevent it from moving altogether

Obviously, not all walkers are going to be equipped with the same features. These are just a few key features on one of the top rated baby walkers on our list, the Chicco Dance Walker Activity Center. There are multiple other valuable options, just as with choosing a car, and you only need to choose what are the most important aspects for you.

Seated Walker vs. Sit-to-Stand Walker

There are two different types of walkers available, both with their own benefits. Clearly, you can see a visible difference in the two and already have an idea of which type you prefer to help your baby to get mobile. Here are a few points to make in distinguishing the two.

  • The seated walker has the option for your toddler to play and eat snacks
  • The standing walker seems the better choice to help a baby practice standing on her own
  • They’re both generally considered to be equally portable since they both fold to just over ground level, depending on the model
  • The standing walker is the cheaper alternative

To take a further look into the basic features that each type offers, you can see below which options are available for each. The seated walker is the Chicco Dance Walker Activity Center, one of the top rated baby walkers. The other is the best-selling VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning walker.



Although both types are considered walkers, with completely different functionality will come with separate complaints. Below are a few of the most common issues relating to walkers in general.

  • Sometimes difficult to maneuver on carpet – Seated
  • Back wheels don’t swivel on all walkers, reducing full potential movability – Seated
  • Activity Center volume too loud – Seated, Sit-to-Stand
  • Tips over easily causing baby to go with it – Sit-to-Stand


American Society of Testing and Materials – ASTM, F977

In an effort to improve product quality and safety standards, ASTM International has delivered product test methods, specifications and practices to facilitate consumer confidence.

The Standard Consumer Safety Specification for Infant Walkers is set forth to minimize accidents to children resulting from normal use and reasonably foreseeable misuse or abuse of walkers.

Consumer Product Safety Commission – BebeLove Recall

Recently recalled baby walker (not reviewed below) failed to meet multiple safety standards – can fit through a standard doorway, not designed to stop at the edge of a step and having leg openings wide enough for a child to slip low enough to get head and neck stuck in opening.


Best Baby Walker

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ImageModelEasily PortablePriceRating
Safety 1st DinoSafety 1st Sounds ‘n Lights DiscoveryYes$354.5/5
Joovy SpoonJoovy Spoon WalkerYes$854.5/5
Chicco OrangeChicco Dance Activity CenterYes$904.5/5
Safety 1st SafariSafety 1st Sounds ‘n Lights ActivityYes$404/5
Chicco Lil PianoChicco Lil Piano SplashYes$704/5
Baby TrendBaby Trend ActivityYes$304/5
Disney Branchin OutDisney Baby Music and LightsYes$503.5/5
Ferrari F1Ferrari F1 Baby WalkerYes$1203.5/5
Baby EinsteinBaby Einstein, Baby NeptuneNo$503.5/5
Dream on me MelodyDream On Me Melody MusicalYes$503.5/5
Dream on Me ShuffleDream On Me Shuffle MusicalNo$653.5/5
Disney CarsDisney Little Racer 2-In-1No$1003.5/5
Delta Lil DriveDelta Children’s Lil’ DriveYes$603.5/5
Disney McQueenDisney Lightning McQueenYes$503.5/5
Combi PinkCombi All-in-One EntertainerNo$1053/5

1. Safety 1st Sounds ‘n Lights Discovery Walker, Dino

The Safety 1st Discovery Walker comes in as the best baby walker of the bunch. Not only one of the most affordable, it also provides many great features that will keep your baby entertained – aside from the fact that your toddler will love to simply move around. It comes with a removable Dinosaur theme park activity center, tray area for snacks, 3 adjustable heights and folds to ground level.

Pros: Walker folds for easy portability – Easy assembly – Several interactive toys with nature sounds and lights – Swivel toy trays reveal large snack area – Easy to move, good baby walker for carpet – Inexpensive – Machine washable seat

Cons: May not be best for shorter babies – Not as many frills as some other more expensive walkers – No brakes

2. Joovy Spoon Walker, Greenie

The Joovy Spoon walker comes as basic as can be  – where walker meets high chair. No music, no toys… but a very popular walker nonetheless due to its simple functionality. The Joovy Spoon is a good looking walker with a gigantic tray, front and center, where your baby can play with their own toys and have enough room to get their snack on! Its beautiful design means its not a horrendous eyesore when parked in your home. Models Available: Greenie, Blueberry, Charcoal, Jade, Purpleness

Pros: Solid construction – Extra large tray for eating and playing with their favorite toys – Machine washable seat – Easy fold-up for storage and travel – Modern clean look – Very easy to clean

Cons: Bare bones  with no noises or toys – Not for taller infants – May not be great on carpet – Back wheels stationary – No brakes

3. Chicco Dance Walker Activity Center, Happy Orange

If you know your baby products, you know the Chicco name. And as far as walkers go, the Dance Walker Activity Center is plenty popular, featuring some of the best options. Not to be outdone by the competition, it comes with an MP3 hookup, a removable musical play tray, 3 adjustable height settings, bumper guards to protect your walls and it folds for easy storage. If you’re looking for a walker with all the upgrades, the Chicco is it. Models Available: Orange, Sea Dreams, Waterlily

Pros: MP3 hookup to play your own music – Machine washable seat – Easy attach and remove toy tray – Smooth maneuverability – Music sounds and lights – Easy assembly – Collapses for transport and storage – Sturdy construction

Cons: Seat may force babies to lean slightly forward – May not sit high enough for taller babies

4. Safety 1st Sounds ‘n Lights Activity Walker, Surfin Safari

Much like the Safety 1st Discovery Walker, the Activity Walker comes in as one of the most popular choices for children. It comes with 3 adjustable height settings, 12 songs, sounds and lights, as well as a removable “safari” activity tray to reveal an ample snack area. Models Available: Surfin Safari, Kenley

Pros: Good choice of music, sounds and lights – Nice baby walker for carpet thin to medium – Easy fold and store – Easy assembly – Machine washable seat – Portable for easy storage

Cons: May not be for shorter babies, lowest setting still too high – Difficult to replace batteries if need be

5. Chicco Lil Piano Splash Walker

The Chicco Lil Piano walker is another highly rated baby walker that comes with many desirable options sure to keep your baby involved. The most obvious feature is, of course, the removable piano tray that features rattles, drums, buttons, lights and other sounds. Other than that it comes standard with 3 height settings, a snack area and cute pattern designs. Models Available: Splash, Birdland

Pros: Machine washable seat –  Great musical keyboard feature with lots of sounds – Volume adjust – Flashing lights – Folds flat for storage

Cons: Larger babies may have hard time fitting comfortably – Seat may be too far forward leaning for some parents’ likes

6. Baby Trend Activity Walker

The Baby Trend Activity Walker is another choice with a neutral-pattern design. It features a safari theme, has 3 adjustable height settings, ample tray area and a toy bar.

Pros: Removable giraffe toy bar – Large snack tray – Easy fold for storage and travel – Good seat cushion padding – Easy assembly – Machine washable seat

Cons: Not very good on carpet – Some concerns that a child’s arm may get stuck under toy bar

7. Disney Baby Music and Lights Walker, Branchin’ Out

What can you really say about Disney products other than that kids love them. The Music and Lights walker is no different as it offers a cute Disney-themed activity center sure to attract some attention. When your infant is done with the 2 toy trays, it removes to reveal a snack tray. It also adjusts to 3 different height settings. Furthermore, t’s Disney AND a pink baby walker. Score one for the little ladies! Models Available: Branchin’ Out, Pink, Floral Minnie Mouse, My Hunny Stripe

Pros: Easy assembly- Large, fun toy centers – Toys swivel away to reveal large snack tray – Folds down for storage and travel – Machine washable seat

Cons: Too high for short babies – Paper decals may come off too easily

8. Ferrari F1 Baby Walker in Red

What’s not to love about the Ferrari F1 Baby Walker? Well, aside from being one of the more expensive choices on the list it’s got the cool look of a real racecar! Not only that, there are plenty of audible sounds and other auto-related themes to add to the pure enjoyment. It also offers 3 adjustment settings, an easy-to-clean seat and a small snack tray.

Pros: Easy assembly – Nice maneuverability – Good quality and looks – Cool music and realistic car sounds – Fun buttons, rattles, steering wheel and a vibrating shifter knob

Cons: Expensive – Back wheels don’t swivel to add to the experience – Concern about an area where arm could get stuck – May be too low for some babies

9. Baby Einstein Baby Neptune Walker, Ocean Explorer

Baby Einstein always has such cool designs that separate them from the rest of the pack. The Neptune Walker is no exception. With a glossy-colored theme and creative design, this walker certainly looks different from its peers. It comes with 3 adjustable height settings, a steering wheel, a small activity center with music and sounds and loops to attach your child’s favorite toys.

Pros: Nice collection of lights and nature sounds – Easy assembly – High back seat for support

Cons: Some maneuverability complaints – Not great for shorter babies – Doesn’t work well on carpet – Doesn’t fold for storage – Hard to open battery compartment

10. Dream On Me Melody Musical Walker, Pink

Dream On Me has been making baby furniture and other related products since 1988. Not only do they make one of the best baby mattresses, they’ve also created the affordable Melody Musical Walker for those inspired by racing around. The Musical Walker comes with the standard 3-height adjust, removable toy tray with steering wheel and a set of music and sounds sure to entertain your little one. Models Available: Pink, Blue/Yellow, Green, Red/Blue

Pros: Easy assembly – Horn noise to accompany car motif – Nice music and flashing lights – Easy fold-up for storage and travel – Machine washable seat

Cons: Not the best maneuverability – Smaller tray/play area – Volume may be too loud for some

11. Dream On Me Shuffle Musical Walker, Red

For those wanting the alternate version of the Dream on Me Melody Musical Walker, you can pay a little more for the Shuffle Musical Walker. This walker is a little bigger in size, comes with a larger, removable activity tray and some bright color choices! It also has 3 height adjustment settings. Models Available: Red, Pink, Blue

Pros: Fun activity center with larger toys – Easy assembly – Easy to clean – Sturdy construction – Good seat cushions – Interactive duck toys and sounds

Cons: Noises somewhat loud – Doesn’t fold for storage or travel – May not be able to reach toys on tray – Not that good on carpet – Music choices may be annoying to some

12. Disney Little Racer 2-In-1 Walker, Cars

If your little one loves the movie, Cars, then you’ll be a prime fit for the Disney Little Racer. Not only does this walker have a fun theme, it’s also designed to be used as a sit-to-stand walker. As far as options go, it has a removable, car-themed activity center with steering wheel and multiple other toys, music and other noises, 3 adjustable height positions and even a rear-view mirror.

Pros: Cool steering wheel, horn, rattles and a gear shift – Lights and racing sounds – Large snack tray – Rubber padding protects flooring

Cons: May be tough to “get going” for some smaller children – Not great on carpet – Not easily portable

13. Delta Children’s Products Lil’ Drive Baby Activity Walker

Much like many of the other car themed walkers, the Delta Lil Drive Activity Walker comes as a fun choice. With its fantastic color selection and car decals, your baby can cruise around and enjoy the large activity center with its steering wheel and other related toys. It also features 3 height adjustment settings and a nice-sized snack tray under the toy center.

Pros: Multiple fun racecar noises and lights – Volume adjust – Back wheels allow for all-direction movements and better mobility

Cons: May be too high for short babies – Wheels may leave scratches on floor – Difficult to adjust height settings

14. Disney Baby Lightning McQueen Walker

Another option for you Pixar lovers out there. If the Disney Little Racer doesn’t do it for you, perhaps you can find a better option in the Lightning McQueen Walker. This walker comes with the Disney-inspired Cars theme, as well. It has a simple, removable activity center with interactive toys, a large snack area and 3 seat height adjustment.

Pros: Cute and simple toy center – Lights, sounds and rattles – Folds for storage and travel – Easy assembly – Machine washable seat

Cons: Not good on carpet, bumpers sit too low – Not a lot of positive or negative reviews on product

15. Combi All-in-One Mobile Entertainer, Pink

There are plenty of walker options for car enthusiasts and the Combi All-in-One Mobile Entertainer fits that criteria with several car options to choose from. Not only that, it also locks into position so your child can use it as a jumper. As far as features, it has 3 adjustable height options, a steering wheel activity center that comes standard with multiple sound options and the hood and rear views are removable for snack time. Models Available: Pink, Black, Red, Blue Police Car

Pros: Easy assembly – Bouncer feature – Multiple sounds, a horn and lights from steering wheel toy center – Folds for storage and travel

Cons: Not good on carpet – Expensive

Best Baby Walker – Sit to Stand

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ImageModelBatteries Req.PriceRatings
VTech Sit to StandVTech Learning WalkerYes$255/5
FisherPrice Bright BeginningsFisher-Price Bright BeginningsNo$204/5
FisherPrice Brilliant BasicsFisher-Price Brilliant Basics MusicalYes$204/5
FisherPrice Musical LionMusical Lion WalkerYes$203.5/5
Chicco ActivityChicco Baby Activity WalkerYes$403.5/5

1. VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker

Sit-to-Stand Walkers are an excellent tool to help your baby get up on their feet and learn to balance themselves. The VTech Learning Walker is by far the most popular baby walker. It has a busy learning activity center to keep any toddler occupied, including a piano with animal sounds, shape sorter holes for understanding shapes, a singing phone and several other bright attention-grabbers! And when they’re done learning and playing, they can prop themselves up and move around the house a bit.

Pros: Best learning walker – Wheels have 2 speeds for you to adjust – Lots of sounds, lights and learning activities – Detachable Learning Center – Easy assembly – Volume control – Sturdy

Cons: Phone isn’t attached and can get lost – May be too much stimulation with all the noises and colors

2. Fisher-Price Bright Beginnings Activity Walker

The Fisher-Price Beginnings Activity Walker is comparable to the VTech Learning Walker, except it has less things going on. Not to be confused with a sub-par toy center, this walker is a big hit with a lot of parents. This walker also easily folds into a fun learning center with plenty of hands-on activities that inspire curiosity. Some of the fun features include a spinning ball, flipping panels, sliding beads and plenty of attractive colors without being too much.

Pros: Fun activity center with lots of brilliant colors – Arrives pre-assembled and ready to go – Multiple safe activities

Cons: Too lightweight, tips easy and moves fast – No wheel brakes – No music – Stickers added separately

3. Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Musical Activity Walker

The Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Walker has a different look and feel to that of their Bright Beginnings Walker. This Musical Walker features simplicity in its orchestra-themed toy center, but adds to that with interactive music and sounds. Its most notable feature is the music it plays as your baby pushes it around while learning to walk. When your child is done walking, they can sit and play the piano, the saxophone, a guitar, tambourines and also some maracas! Lights, colors, music and other sounds make this an excellent sit-t0-stand walker.

Pros: Walk and Music feature – Sturdy parts – Multiple sound and music options in the toy center – Volume control

Cons: Small activity center in comparison to others – Lightweight and unstable – No wheel brakes

4. Musical Lion Walker

The Musical Lion Walker is another great option for your toddler as they learn to get up and start moving around. Not to mention it’s adorable! It has several different activities, such as lights and music that play as your little one moves around the house, piano keys, beads and a number of other clicking and clacking noises to get your infant squealing with delight!

Pros: Cool lion design with roar noise – Favorable music selection with lights

Cons: Not the easiest assembly – Very lightweight and not as sturdy as some others – Could have more activities – No brakes

5. Chicco Baby Activity Walker

The Chicco Baby Activity Walker is another fun and interactive learning tool. Not quite as popular as some of the others on the list, it still has many features to make this an exciting toy. Your baby can sing along as the music is activated by the walker’s motion. As far as toys go, there are a number of shape sorter holes to learn from, music and lights, as well as a place to put balls and watch them come out the other end!

Pros: Has a wheel lock – Multiple musical sounds and lights – Fun activity center with shapes and interactive gaming balls – Easy assembly

Cons: Expensive versus other walkers – Too lightweight, child may tip when propping themselves up


As you can see, we’ve rated the best baby walkers on the market based on what parents actually liked. There are so many seated and sit-to-learn walkers that you really only need to find out which one is the safest and gives the best opportunity to learn and have fun. Also keep in mind that, despite there being a dwindling interest in seated walkers, they are all considered safe if they make it to market. Negative feedback causes recalls, as you have seen above with the BebeLove walker.


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