8 Best Humidifiers For Babies


If you’re searching for the best humidifier for your baby, we’ve compiled a number of the safest and most reliable that are currently available. Most people are interested in a humidifier that will be quiet and effective, putting your infant in the best possible environment.

While all humidifiers may seem to be the same, there are a few differences that will separate one from another. For example, what is an ultrasonic humidifier? Is a warm mist humidifier good for my baby? Amongst other things, these are important features to consider if you want to create the absolute best environment for your little toddler.


We’ve listed the benefits to several different baby products, like travel system stroller and car seat combos, hypo-allergenic crib mattresses and more. None, perhaps, match the benefits that could physically impact your child’s health like that of a humidifier. Considering that infants and the elderly are the most ‘at risk’ for immune system attacks, humidifiers make for an excellent addition for your young one’s room.

Preventing Asthma

The formulation of mold is a common trigger in those with allergies and asthma. A humidifier can be a great way to control the environmental factors that promote mold growth and exacerbate asthma symptoms. Obviously, too much humidity can help mold grow so be sure to set it at a comfortable level.

Treating Cold Symptoms

Best-Baby-Humidifier-2Similar to preventing asthma, another key benefit to using a humidifier in your child’s room is that the added moisture helps ease cold and upper respiratory illness symptoms that your child might be dealing with. With small nostrils, children tend to get stuffed up easier and easing up on that congestion should improve breathing, not to mention soothe a sore throat.

Preventing Dry Skin

Low humidity is a common culprit in dry skin, dry eyes and chapped lips. Increasing the moisture in the air can help relieve that dry, itchy skin your baby may be suffering from.

Secondary features 

Best-Baby-Humidifier-1Many of the humidifiers for babies are created FOR BABIES. They’ve got additional features like nightlights and are sometimes in the shape of cute animals, which may fit the motif of your toddler’s room. In fact, on a number of the animal-themed humidifiers, you can visibly see the mist shooting from the ears! Oh my cute!


If you’re looking for a humidifier for your infant, chances are you already know that they provide some sort of physical benefit that creates a safer atmosphere for your baby. That said, there are many things that have been suggested by Pediatricians and by the health industry in general that support a number of the options you’ll see in these products. Here are some common features to look for.

CheckmarkIconUltrasonic technology – no more filter replacements

CheckmarkIconMist Output Control – volume and directional

CheckmarkIconAuto Shut-Off to prevent overheating

CheckmarkIconEasy to Clean Tank

Having these features by no means qualifies a humidifier as being the best for your baby. It does however, add to the overall benefit.

Best-Baby-Humidifier-KidslineFor example, ultrasonic humidifiers disperse mist using sound vibrations, without the need for a filter. Standard humidifiers use impeller fans – which create noise, as well as circulate bacteria if you fail to replace the filter regularly. On the topic of maintenance, having a tank that is easy to clean makes a product that needs routine service much more enjoyable… seeing as how that rates as one of the most common gripes.

Lastly, Pediatrician Dr. Sears discusses on the topic of humidity that those units with the ability to direct the motion of the mist point it towards the crib in order to ensure proper control in the area which it is needed most.


No product is perfect, although these humidifiers are all reliable and safe as can be. With that we’ll take a look at some of the top complaints from mothers who own the humidifiers that have been rated below.

  • Have to keep refilling the tanks on a sometimes daily basis
  • White residue being left on countertops and furniture after use – fixed by using distilled or filtered water
  • Dampness on the floor or carpet by the unit


Environmental Protection Agency – Mold Growth

The EPA suggests that normal humidity levels indoors should remain between 30 and 60%. Using these parameters provides the optimal defense against indoor mold growth

Mayo Clinic – Cool Mist vs. Warm Mist, Jay L. Hoecker, M.D.

Some doctors recommend that the best humidifier for a baby is the cool-mist humidifier. While a warm-mist vaporizer creates humidity just the same, the water used to create the warm mist is very hot and can be a potential burn hazard if tipped over.


Best Humidifiers for Babies

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ImageBrandFilter Req.PriceRating
Crane-DropCrane Drop Shape UltrasonicNo$504.5/5
Crane-PenguinrCrane Adorable UltrasonicNo$404/5
Crane-Hello-KittyCrane Hello Kitty UltrasonicNo$404/5
Vicks-Starry-NightVicks Starry Night Cool MistYes$454/5
Safety-1st-360Safety 1st Ultrasonic 360No$253.5/5
SPT-Polar-BearSPT Polar Bear UltrasonicNo$353.5/5
Kidsline-MonkeyKidsline Ultrasonic Cool MistNo$403/5
12-Hour-PureGuardianPureGuardian 12-Hour UltrasonicNo$403/5

1. Crane Drop Shape Ultrasonic, Green

Crane is one of the leading companies in home environment products and are well known for their humidifiers. Their Drop Shape Ultrasonic Cool Mist humidifier tops our list based on its all around qualities. Though not designed in the form of a cuddly animal, the drop shape fits perfectly with almost any room decor. It has a 1 Gallon tank that puts out up to 2.3 Gallons of mist per day, variable output control, an automatic safety shut-off, a window to verify water level and is energy efficient. It also has a directional nozzle to aim the mist in the desired direction. Models Available: Green, Blue, Grey, Orange, Pink, White

Pros: Nice color options – Very low noise factor – Sturdy feel – Easy to clean – Popular all around humidifier

Cons: Few reports of leaks – Short lifespan concerns for some – Can’t turn off nightlight

2. Crane Adorable Ultrasonic, Penguin

Since design is a critical part of the Crane product line, your baby can take full advantage of any one of their cute animal “Adorable Humidifiers.” These ultrasonic, cool mist humidifiers are perfect for any child’s room. They come with a 1 Gallon tank which puts out up to 2.1 Gallons of mist per day, a nightlight, humidifies rooms up to 250 square feet, have an automatic safety shut-off sensor, and use less energy than a standard light bulb. Models Available: Penguin, Elephant, Frog, Monkey, Cow, Panda, Owl, Dragon, Dog, Duck, Tiger, Pig, Hippo


Pros: Multiple cute animal design choices – No filter needed – Easy clean – Compact size – Best Seller among baby humidifiers

Cons: Very low trickling noise – Mist shoots in different direction depending on model purchased (ie. penguin shoots out from mouth, cow through ears, etc.) – Can’t turn off nightlight – Hard to clean – Short lifespan complaints

3. Crane Ultrasonic, Hello Kitty

Although the Crane Hello Kitty baby humidifier has virtually the same specs as the Crane “Adorable” model rated above, we felt it needed its own spot being such an iconic figure. Perfectly suited for any little girls room, this humidifier comes with all the bells and whistles as stated above… nightlight, 2.1 Gallons of mist per day output, 1 Gallon tank and an auto safety shut-off feature.

Pros: No filter needed – Compact size – Easy to clean – Perfect choice for little girls – Can turn nightlight on and off

Cons: Low sound emitting from unit – Highest setting may cause damp floor – Hard to clean

4. Kaz Vicks Starry Night Cool Mist

Vicks is a world renowned brand, part of the Kaz line of health and homecare products. With their Starry Night Cool Mist humidifier comes a fascinating night time display of stars right in your little one’s room. It comes with a 1 Gallon tank for approximately 24 hours of run time, a variable speed control knob, and a vapor scent pad to facilitate easier breathing for your child to rest at night.

Pros: Projects stars on ceiling that change colors – Optional Vicks menthol insert for grown children – Quiet operation -Nightlight not too bright – Easy to refill and clean – Can use humidifier or projector independently

Cons: Needs filter replacement – Gets goopy quick without regular cleaning – Stars not on timer, and remain on until shut off – Can’t turn off light – No auto shutoff feature for humidifier

5. Safety 1st Ultrasonic, Raspberry

Safety 1st is a premier manufacturer in the childrens product line. Their Ultrasonic 360 humidifier is another solid product that gets great reviews from its customers. This humidifier is designed with a clear 1 Gallon tank with handle for easy transport and fill, two 360° adjustable nozzles for better room coverage, variable mist control and about 12 hours of continuous coverage. Models Available: Raspberry, Blue, Pink

Pros: Very quiet outside of the infrequent bubble sound – No filter needed – 2 nozzle mist directioning good for 2 children in same room – Quick room humidification – Automatic shut off

Cons: Frequent cleaning – Tank is awkward to fill – Some complaints on leakage – Cheap components may break easily – May not last as long as some others

6. SPT Polar Bear Ultrasonic

One of the best humidifiers for a baby room is most definitely the SPT Polar Bear Ultrasonic. Much like the Crane Adorable series of humidifiers, the SPT Polar Bear is another great theme for any toddler’s room. The SPT has about a half-gallon tank with visible water level, adjustable mist intensity settings and will run for approximately 8 to 10 hours without refill. It also has non-stick feet to prevent accidental sliding and toppling. Did we mention that the bear is sooo cute?

Pros: Less refills required than some competing baby-themed humidifiers – Auto shut-off feature for safety – No filter needed

Cons: Not the easiest to clean – Some short lifespan complaints – There may be quieter options – Unit is smaller than expected (0.5 Gallon)

7. Kidsline Ultrasonic, Monkey

Kidsline is a manufacturer of several childrens products and accessories and has a knack for creating beautiful, neutral designed collections. The Ultrasonic Cool Mist humidifier is another example of their popular product offerings. This unit comes with multiple design options tailored to fit the theme of your baby’s room, approximately 3/4 Gallon water tank, variable mist dial, 8 hours or more of run time and multi-directional mist output. Models Available: Monkey, Elephant, Flower, All Sports, Miss Monkey

Pros: Multiple neutral design options to fit any room – No filter needed – Mist shoots in several directions for full coverage – Very quiet operation

Cons: Only 3 ft. cord – Small tank size – may not last all night – Complaints about leaks – Hard to clean inside tank

8. PureGuardian 12-Hour Ultrasonic, Pink

The Pure Guardian 12-Hour Ultrasonic humidifier is perhaps the most compact on the list at only 8 inches tall and 3 inches deep. Its space saving design is perfect for those that don’t have a lot of room to operate. As far as features, it comes with their own Silver Clean Technology to help protect the tank from mold growth, a very compact 1/4 Gallon capacity (great for travel) and a non-intrusive night light.

Pros: Easy to clean – Favorable compact size – Slim, Easy to refill – Added mold and mildew protection – No filter needed – Lightweight

Cons: Motor may get louder after time – Some concerns about short lifespan – Nightlight may be too bright for some and get warm after nightly use – No variable output control


As you can see, there are several viable options from which to choose, from baby-inspired cute designs, to those that might be more functional. And while we have only rated the best humidifiers for babies, there are other options out there that may last longer and be more efficient – though they won’t be themed for a toddler’s room and are probably larger, in general. In any event, if you choose to get a humidifier you’ll need to remember that it does take regular maintenance and you must take precaution not to create excess humidity in your child’s room. Often purchased alongside a humidifier is a cheap Humidity Monitor to ensure you are appropriately controlling your baby’s room.



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