10 Free Apps For Toddlers + Bonus App


Technology plays such a huge role in our lives today by making things convenient and entertaining. In an effort to help mothers and fathers get a better grip on parenting, we’ve compiled a list of the best free apps for toddlers. These aren’t essentials by any means, however, they are guaranteed to add tons of value to the enormous task of parenting.

When did you last feed your baby, how can I get her to calm down, where’s the nearest bathroom so I can change my baby? You’re going to come upon these issues sooner or later and, guess what? There’s an App for that!


Free-Apps-For-ToddlersIf you’re looking to download an app to your smart phone or tablet, you’ll probably already be familiar with how applications work, in general. But like everything else, free sometimes comes with a certain stipulation. Free oftentimes means shoddy development, and if a developer isn’t charging for their software, you can probably imagine some of the limitations.

  1. Image and Design quality may be sub-par
  2. Frequent bugs and application crashes
  3. Limited use (or Trial Period) until you purchase an upgrade option
  4. The size of app may drain your battery quickly
  5. Advertisement pop-ups!



Feed Baby  Tracker & Monitor, Penguin Apps – Android, iPhone

The Feed Baby Tracker & Monitor app is an extremely popular app to track breastfeeding, pumping, diaper changes, sleep patterns, as well as the growth and development of your little one. It also has allows journal entry, graphs and has reporting features to round it out.


Lullaby For Babies, DesenvDroid – Android

Lullaby For Babies is a great option to gently soothe your infant to sleep while your inner Whitney Houston is currently not on tour. Only made for Droid, this application has many positive reviews for its ease of use and quality of lullabies that create a relaxing atmosphere. Additionally, you specify how long you’d like the lullabies to play. But, did you know that lullabies are not the best sound machine for babies to sleep according to research?

Johnson’s Baby BEDTIME Sleep, Johnson & Johnson – iPhone

A popular lullaby option for the iOS platform is the Johnson & Johnson “baby sleep expert.” More than just relaxing baby tunes, this application also offers ambient sounds, a sleep tracking feature and an “ask the experts” interactivity option.


My Baby Today, BabyCenter – Android, iPhone

Being a parent is hectic and the My Baby Today app will organize some of that confusion into checklists, a Q&A section, Health and Safety information, daily activities to do and a photo album to track the development of your baby’s growth.


WebMD Baby, WebMD – Android, iPhone

We all know the WebMD name as a leader in the health and safety field, so it’s no surprise they have an app to help parents deal with all the struggles of parenthood. This app provides weekly updated articles, daily Doctor-approved tips and other useful features, such as baby growth slideshow images, milestones and many other tracking features.


Animal Sounds For Baby, Fisher Price – Android, iPhone

There are literally a million different educational apps for your infant to discover sounds, numbers, words, etc. (I counted, there are a million exactly). Depending on the age and information your baby already knows (and prefers), you can potentially find more suitable options. The Animal Sounds For Baby app, however, is a great option for an infant that teaches animal words and has interactive sounds and a cute musical selection.


Baby Signing Lite – MSH, My Smart Hands – Android, iPhone

This app is specifically geared to those that want their child to learn baby sign language or ASL. Baby signing expert Laura Berg teaches 50 signs (in the free version) to get your baby acclimated to signing. It comes with memory tips as well as the actual instructions.


Baby Monitor, MVA – Droid – Android

The Baby Monitor app for Droid is great for turning your phone into a baby alarm. The monitor will text or call you when your baby is crying in her room, as well as featuring a sleep diary and a low-battery warning.

Baby Monitor Free, Sunshine Apps GmbH – iPhone

Although only a trial “freemium” version, this app will do a few of the things a video baby monitor will do. It features pan/tilt and secure audio and video while you monitor your baby from another location. Not bad for an application… as long as you already own one of the compatible cameras to go with it.


Baby Food Recipe, NewTechFusion PVT Ltd – Android, iPhone

The Baby Food Recipe app from NewTechFusion is an interesting app for the nutrition-conscious parents. Knowing what ingredients go into your food is important, but knowing what ingredients go into your baby’s food is even more so. This little app helps you discover homemade, healthy recipes for your child.


Peekaboo Moments Baby Journa – Android, iPhone

Scrapbooking for your toddler just became a lot easier as it now goes where you and your baby go. With the Peekaboo Moments app you can capture moments as they happen and share them with friends and relatives. This is one of the best applications to record those precious memories!


White Noise Baby, TMSOFT – Android, iPhone

The White Noise Baby app is the perfect option for those of you looking to calm and get your toddler to sleep. With selections that imitate car rides, womb noises and also the standard white noise feature, you really can’t go wrong with this free app. This is definitely one of the best free apps for toddlers, considering it made our “must haves for a newborn” list… and here you get it free!

+ bonus App


Bathroom Scout, Mobilino Software Development – Android

SitOrSquat, P&G Productions – iPhone

So you’re out in public and find that you need to make a quick diaper change that doesn’t involve you and a gas station. Get yourself a bathroom locator app. It’s a convenient option for you to locate the nearest place to do a quick diaper change, or for those that aren’t entirely comfortable with breastfeeding in public.


There you have it, a number of free apps for toddlers and smaller children. The options available are quite expansive, but these are some of the more popular apps in particular. And as your child grows, you’ll find plenty more educational and interactive apps. There are literally thousands of awesome free apps out there if you are willing to put up with the advertisements and limited functionality.

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