Infographic – How To Save Big In Your Baby’s First Year


Parents will spend just about $10,000 on your baby in its first year alone, according to an exclusive BabyCenter survey. Ouch! That’s gonna hurt a bit more for those of us not making Obstetrician money. For the rest of us, that means coming up with a plan to keep some of that money in our pockets. How to do that involves knowing the costs up front, creating a savings plan and sticking to it.

Below you’ll find user-generated figures from been-there-done-that Mommy Bloggers to Investopedia and Check it out. And if you find it valuable, we’d appreciate if you shared it to those that could use it!



So that’s it. As you can see, there are wide differences in regards to paying for convenience (higher prices) and receiving moderate-to-LARGE savings. We would suggest everyone look at couponing, buying seasonal items and taking advantage of bulk buying during sales. Free samples don’t hurt either! Like and share with the social buttons on the left if you found this useful!

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